How do you properly pronounce Van Gogh?

how do you pronounce van gogh?

How do you properly pronounce Van Gogh?

There seems to be much confusion surrounding the pronunciation of Van Gogh’s name. The Americans seem to think it is pronounced “Van-Go” and the English think it’s Van-GOFF. Neither of which are correct.

Van Gogh was Dutch so to pronounce Van Gogh properly you need to say it how the Dutch say it. Gogh is pronounced like loch. But it is the G sound that is the killer for the majority of people. The pronunciation is extremely difficult and sounds a lot more guttural than the way we prononce Van Gogh here (Van-GOFF) in the UK. Both the G and the gh in “Gogh” are pronounced like the ch in Loch. Hence you can see the difficulty a lot of people have in pronouncing it.


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