Van Dyck’s King Charles I in Three Positions

The Brief

The Fine Art Reproduction Studio (FARS) was asked to frame and hand paint a fine art replica of Van Dyck's Charles I in Three Positions. The original is currently part of The Royal Collection.

Below is our finished painting

van dyck charles i art reproduction

A fine art reproudction of Van Dyck’s Charles I in Three Positions.  Oil on canvas.

king charles I portrait triple portrait van dyck

Compare and Contrast

Did you know, that nearly all art reproduction companies never ever put the original painting next to the copy. They do not want to highlight any differences that will be glaringly apparent once the two paintings are side by side. However, we believe in transparency and want you to be fully aware of the quality of our work.
van dyck charles i art reproduction

Useful Information


On average, depending on how complex your project is we need between 5 – 8 weeks from ordering your painting to receiving it. Oils need time to dry, you might require extra services such as ageing or framing and you might wish to request ammendments. We will of course keep you updated.

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Approval Photos

When we’ve finished painting your painting, we will email you a high resolution photo for approval. On the rare instance that you feel you would like to make ammendments we will be delighted to do so. Your happiness with our artwork is paramount to us.

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All our artwork is painted to the highest standard. Painted with premium Winsor & Newton oils onto canvas by one of our fabulously talented artists.

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