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Our Copiests .

As a small fine art studio we have had to carefully select our team of artists. Each member of our painting team is a highly competent artist in their own right, but with something a little extra; they are all fully trained and able to mimic the specific artist or artistic style that is required to provide you with a fully replicated work of art.

For example, if a Renaissance painting is your desire, we have an artist dedicated to producing that style.  We believe their artwork speaks for itself so please look through our portfolio and see our standard of work.

We do not use computer wizardy, which is quite prominent in the art reproduction industry to paint your artwork but good old fashioned talent and skill and hard work.

Our Process

We sketch first

The first thing we do is roughly sketch the composition onto the blank canvas entirely by hand.

Step 2

Apply the oils

Next, we will begin to apply paint to the canvas with larger brushes to in order to paint some of the the basic shapes, the background, and fill in the main subject.

Step 3


Here, the painting begins to come to life and take on the form on the original. The artist will spend a great deal of time ensuring accuracy of scale, content, colours, and quirks.

Last step

Final Stages .

The final details are applied only once the artist is satisfied the painting is replicated in the main body of work. By this stage the painting will be almost inseparable from the original to the untrained eye.

george washington

Our Materials

We use Winsor & Newton oils to paint your artwork as they’re the best.  Their oil colours are pure, stable and consistent and are the perfect medium to create a wonderful piece of art for you.

We will paint your artwork on a duck cotton canvas (a form of linen) as this type of canvas provided an excellent foundation for your painting. Beware of other art reproduction companies that use cheap nylon canvases, many do and there is a real noticeable difference.

High End. High Quality

Lower quality art reproductions lack so much of the finer details, that it makes the end result look poor and cheap. Quite a few of our artists originate from Saint Petersburg in Russia, and have been educated and classically trained. They expertly take the time to study what they’ve been asked to paint and painstakingly replicate even the smallest of details. This really makes the difference to your fine art reproduction oil painting and is definitely what distinguishes us from the other replica companies

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