If you were an architect or builder you would want to build a house on a solid and strong foundation, otherwise the effects could be dire. The same goes with art. A canvas is the foundation of your painting and you need it to have certain qualities if you’re looking to commission a museum quality art reproduction. Nearly all of these Chinese art reproduction companies as well as the big American ones (80% of the Chinese art reproduction market ships solely to America) use flimsy nylon canvases not so great for the painting. It’s important that the canvas for your art replica or portrait has strength and stability since over time many factors can challenge your oil painting (for example humidity, change in temperature, re-stretching) and a flimsy canvas just won’t cut it. These poor quality canvases are also loosely woven and the fabric can easily distort when stretched, which in turn will ruin the painting. We use a heavy grade duck cotton canvas because of its strength, stability and durability.  Heavy grade Duck cotton canvases have a smooth, dense construction and are suitable for large oil paintings.  Our duck cotton canvases, which your paintings will be lovingly hand painted on will feel reassuringly heavy and  provide excellent support  for even thickly painted pieces of art, such as our van Gogh replicas

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We use high-grade duck cotton canvases ( a form of linen) to paint your oil replica and premium Winsor & Newton oils. We use high grade duck cotton canvases because of their strength, stability and durability.

To paint your art reproduction we also only use the best oils. Having received their first royal warrant in 1841 by Queen Victoria, we believe these are the best oils to paint a long-lasting painting with. Their high pigment quality really is impressive.

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