Fine Art Replia Paintings
F.A.R.S hand paints beautiful fine art reproductions of your favourite paintings onto canvas by expert copiests.
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We Provide a

Complete Fine Art Reproduction Service

We’re a small online fine art reproduction studio that focuses on painting superior quality artwork. Accuracy is extremely important to us, and whilst it’s nearly impossible to copy an oil painting to a 100% likeness (please don’t believe art reproduction companies that promise this, lots do); we do our best to make sure all artwork is painted to the highest possible standard.  Most importantly, we will always let you know if we don’t think we can paint your art reproduction to a high enough standard that we will all be proud of.

Please just contact us for a quote and to discuss your requirements. Subject to copyright, we can hand paint you a musum quality fine art copy of anything you require, to any dimensions that you need.

Our Oils & Canvas

We use high-grade duck cotton canvases ( a form of linen) to paint your oil replica and premium Winsor & Newton oils. Having received their first royal warrant in 1841 by Queen Victoria, we believe these are the best oils to paint a long-lasting painting with. Their high pigment quality really is impressive.

Professional Artists

Our artists are skilled at what they do. We’ve chosen them for their attention to detail, their skill and precision in copying artwork. Most have a particualar talent is copying certain styles of art. For example when somebody commissions a Caravaggio, we would select an artist who excels in replicating Old Master art.

Transparency & Honesty

In creating The Fine Art Reproduction Studio, we really wanted to be transparent about the quality of our artwork, which is why we have an online portfolio.  We will always tell you if we don’t think we can paint a superior art reproduction for you know and we won’t take on the commission just for the sake of it. We are proud of our artwork and you need to love your paintings and be proud enough to display your art on your walls.  So we will always be honest and upfront with you.

How we rock and roll

The Process

It’s quite simple, once you tell us what pieces you require to have copied and the dimensions, we will give you a quote. Should you choose to go ahead we require a non refundable 50% deposit and then your artist will get to work. Depending on how large or complex your requirements are, your painting from ordering to completion could take anywhere between 5 – 8 weeks. We allow extra time in case you want amendments or want your painting aged. Oils do take a while to dry too.

Once completed we will email you a high-resolution photograph of your paintings for approval purposes. Should you require amendments your artist will be happy do make them, we want you to be thrilled with your paintings.

Once approved, we will wait for the oils to sufficiently dry before we can securely deliver your paintings to you. Please let us know if you would like us to frame your paintings or if you want us to send your paintings rolled for your local framer to frame them for you.

  • We also provide an ageing service
  • We can also frame your paintings for you
  • Free world wide delivery on all rolled canvases
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Interested In Our Services

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a pressing question that you need answered please email us on:  otherwise we hope one of these answers will answer your fine art reproduction question.

Can we visit you?

We run our studio as on online business. Everything we do is custom made so we don’t in general have any stock paintings to show you. With a lot of clients we need to sign NDA’s so we couldn’t show you our work here even we wanted to. We prefer communication via email as all instructions have been written down and so it avoids misunderstandings. However, saying all this meetings can be arranged to discuss large projects.

Can you change colours in the painting or add elements to it?

Yes, we do provide a custom art service where we can change colours to suit your decor or business branding. Some businesses for example have asked us to subtley paint their logo or a symbol of their company into their paintings to reflect their business. Interior designers have asked us to change colours of paintings to complement their designs. Anything is possible.

How long will it take to paint a replica oil painting?

On average, we say allow between 5 – 8 weeks.

I can't find the painting I want copied on your website

Yes, we are not a big ecommerce art reproduction site. Everything we do is custom made and made to your specifications. Subject to copyright we can paint anything to any size, so please just let us know what you need.

Can you paint my painting with watercolours?

Unfortunately we only specialise in oils on canvas.

What if i don't like my painting?

We all want you to be delighted with your fine art reproductions. If you love the quality of our artwork on our portfolio then you will love your paintings. If we don’t think we can do justice in copying your artwork then we won’t take it on. And of course if you need a few touch up mades on your finished painting then of course we will be happy to make them. We really want you to love your new oil paintings.

Will you send me approval photos?

Yes. Once your artwork has been completed, we will send you high resolution photos of your paintings for your approval. Should you wish to have ammendments made, we will of course be delighted to do so.

Do you provide gift vouchers?


Do you offer world wide delivery?

Yes we provide free world wide delivery for our rolled canvases. However for framed paintings there will be a delivery charge, which is obviously dependent on weight and the country where it is going to.

What about payment?

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to commission your artist. You only need to settle up the balance once you’ve approved your artwork.