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Where can I buy hand painted reproduction paintings?
I received an email today with the question: “Where can I buy hand painted reproduction paintings?” The question made me laugh. You can buy them here at The Fine Art Reproduction Studio! If you want to learn more about reproduction paintings in general, we have created a whole guide on everything you might ever want...
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Evertything you need to know about art reproduction
Welcome to our guide on fine art reproduction! We get asked a lot of questions regarding fine art reproductions, which I hope I’ve covered.  If you have a question about our fine art replicas or just about art reproduction in general, please do get in touch. What is fine art reproduction? Why do art reproductions...
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is art reproduction legal?
Is Art Reproduction Legal? The short answer to this is yes, yes art reproduction is legal if you follow and adhere to copyright law. You can legally replicate any painting you like as long as the artist has been dead for over 70 years. If the artist is living or has died only recently then...
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If you buy an original artworkdoes that give you the right to make and sell prints?
The answer to this question is no. No, just because you bought an original piece of art, it does not mean you have the right to make and sell prints of it. Just because you bought an original artwork it does not mean you own the copyright to that piece of art. You own the...
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signatures on reproduction paintings
Why fine art reproduction paintings shouldn’t be signed When you commission an art reproduction of a painting, your artist is replicating the painting you have asked him to copy and not the signature. To replicate the signature, would in essence make your artwork a forgery since obviously Monet or Picasso did not paint your art...
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