Why You Shoudn’t buy art reproductions based on price alone

Why you shouldn’t buy art reproductions based on price alone

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Oil painting reproductions are not all equal. It’s not like going into a book shop then comparing the price of the book that you want to buy to the same one you found on Amazon and then buying the cheaper book. As oil paintings are hand painted it all depends on the skill of your artist. If you commissioned a Van Gogh’s Starry Night with a multitude of different art replica companies, I could guarantee you that they would all be different. Unfortunately, just because a company is labelling their artwork as “museum quality” it doesn’t mean that it will be, especially if it has such a low price tag.


So what do you need  to do?

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There’s a plethora of art reproduction companies all promising to paint museum quality art reproductions, the vast majority of which won’t be to that standard.  So you have to do your research.

Firstly, you need to look at the art reproduction company’s portfolio. Look at the paintings they’ve painted and then compare it to the original. Does their art replica look identical or musuem quality to you?

Secondly, if you’re thinking of commissioning a certain painting, have a look at their website to see if they’ve painted it. Now they’ve probably just put the original artwork up and not their art replica. If this is the case email them first to see if they could show you an example of the painting in question and if they haven’t painted it before see if they can show you something similiar.  Then compare that to the original.  It’s only when you compare an art reproduction with the original image that it was based on that you can really see how good that painting really is.


Always Compare and Contrast

The one piece of advice that I want you to learn from this blog post is always compare your reproduction oil painting with the original.

  Nicholas II Portrait

As you can see from the images above, I’ve put the orignal painting of Nicholas II and our art reproduction next to it so you can compare and contrast for yourselves and be able to quite clearly see the quality of our art reproduction.  Even if you decide not to use our art studio always do this with whomever you decide to use.



If you have a question you’d like to ask about art reproductions we’d love to hear from you please leave a comment below or email: hello@fineartreproductionstudio.com


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