The Ageing Process: Before and After

Ageing a Fine Art Replica Painting

There are many art reproduction companies online but as far as I know FARS (The Fine Art Reproduction Studio) is the only one that works with a professional art ageing service by a professional and respected art restorer. Our aim is to provide everything a person would need when commissioning an art reproduction of their favourite painting.

So if you’re commissoning an old master with us chances are that you would like to have this aged so it doesn’t look like it was just freshly painted but that it was painted hundreds of years ago. The example that I’m providing below is of a Canaletto painting that we painted for a client, who then wanted it aged.

Our art restorer

Let us Age your oil painting

Before & After

  ageing art

As you can see there is obviously a notable difference between the two paintings, it all depends on what you’re after and how much you want to spend.

How much extra does ageing an oil painting cost?

Prices start from £120.


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