The Ageing Service
The Fine Art Reproduction Studio offers you the option of an ageing service for your art reproductions.
We Provide an

Ageing Service

We’re a small online fine art reproduction studio that focuses on painting superior quality artwork. Attention to detail is what we pride ourselves on, which is why we offer an art ageing service. Sometimes you might require a truly authentic piece of art and whilst our artists are able to copy a painting beautifully, it requires another skill set to be able to age a painting expertly. This is why we use a professional art restorer to age your artwork should you require it.

Prince rupert
Ageing your painting
Meet one of our agers!
The Canaletto

Before & After

ageing art

Lovely Clients

If you’d like our London art restorer to age your fine art reproduction please do let us know. Prices start from £120. 

What you need to know

All artwork that needs to be aged, has to be stretched first.  What is stretching?



Before a painting is framed it first needs to be stretched onto stretcher bars. Only once this is done then a painting can be framed.  As you can see from the Canaletto painting above that we aged it has been stretched so that it is ready to hang on your wall but it has yet to be framed.



Why do some people use this service?

When commissioning an Old Master such as a Rembrandt, a lot of clients want their artwork to also look like it was painted 400 years ago, which is where are expert art restorer comes in. Using a mixture of paint, varnish and certain pigments we can expertly age your painting so it looks authentically old.

How long does the ageing process take?

We say to allow 2 weeks because your artwork needs to be stretched before we can begin the ageing process.

What if I want my art reproduction to be framed?

Yes if you want your oil paintings to be both aged and framed then no problem. We will age your artwork first then our framer will get going with yourn frame.

How will you deliver my aged artwork?

By courier. If you have a preferred courier that you would like us to use, FEDEX, DHL etc please do let us know.

Perfectly Painted

tchaikovsky painting

FARS is a fully inclusive art reproduction service. We can expertly paint your artwork for you.

Beautifully Aged

If needed we can then age your painting for you giving it an authentic look and feel.

Expertly Framed

Finally, if you’d like us too, we can also frame your artwork for you. We custom make all our frames so if you have a particular style or colour in mind please just let us know.

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